Be the best you
that you can be.

AX Productivity Suite helps you get on track and see where your time is going, manage your goals, and plan your future.


Too many tools?

AXPS cobines all the productivity tools you need into one central place. Notes, To Do lists, Calendars, Time Managment, and more.

Boost Productivity.

When you know more, you do more. With more info at your fingertips, figure out where you're spending your time, and decide if it's the best use of it.

Stay Organized.

With all your notes, todo list, and calendar in the same place, and by using our state of the art managment tools, you won't forget what needs to be done.

Save Time.

With custom macros, shortcuts, sync between mobile/computer, and other features, you will save time doing repetitive tasks and can focus on what you do best.

Be Better.

AXPS gives you the tools to learn from and improve your habits. With more info, you can do more, and be more. Accomplish your goals, do more work, and achieve more.

How Does It Work?


Create an account, and verify your email.

Begin Work

After you've verified your account, you can begin using the service instantly.

Pro Account

The service needs money to operate. You can choose a free account, and view ads, or you can pay $9.99 a month to support the service, get more features, and remove ads.

Invite Your Peers & Learn More

You can invite your peers and get a discount on your subscription. You can learn more about how to use the features and tools in AXPS by reading the docs.

Loaded With Features.

One goal. Many ways to get there.


Since all your data is saved in the Cloud, you can access your notes, todo list, or any other data from any device at any time. Add an item to your grocery list on your computer at work, check it on your phone. Update your notes on your tablet, read them on your desktop when you get home.


Work with other users. Share a To Do list and let another user see what needs to be done and check items off the list, or share a Note and let another user comment on it, edit it, or just view it, with custom permissions.


All of your data is encrypted using state of the art technology. We never sell your data, and make it impossible for anyone without the correct keys to decrypt it. So rest assured that only you and people you share with will have access to your work.

To Do

Remember what you need to get done. Organize To Do lists by adding smaller tasks as children of a larger task. Once all the smaller tasks are done, the larger task is done too. You can keep breaking tasks down as much as you want. Create, edit, delete, and complete tasks.


Take notes with simple markup so you can store all your work in one place. Reference a document from a todo item or on your calendar to store more data and only see it when you need it.


Track your time, how you spend it, and set goals. Track how many push ups you can do, or track how much food you eat, it's up to you. With more info, you can make more informed decisions, and manage your life better.

Simple Pricing.

No confusing multi-teir plans where you have to guess what you will need before you need it. One unlimited paid plan, and one free plan. It's as simple as that.



  • 50 Notes
  • 250 To Do Items
  • 1000+ Track Items
  • 150 Calendar Items
  • Basic Ads
  • Manual Backup & Restore
  • *Plan Terms Will Be Finalized Before Launch
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